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By registering for an account on the myTOWWERS platform™ and by clicking on « I accept the agreement » button below, you acknowledge and agree that:

  • Any information, including health or medical information, that you submit through myTOWWERS platform™ will be shared only with the healthcare professional who link yourself with™ the healthcare professional's employees who are entitled to your records and information, such as nurses;

  • One of the important goals of myTOWWERS platform™ is for healthcare leaders to understand the link between COVID-19 and chronic disease, treatment plans, clinical outcomes (state of health) and risk factors;

  • Thus, the owner and operator of myTOWWERS platform™, Data 4 Actions Inc., will generate anonymous and aggregated data from all the users' information of the platform (including yours) that will be shared with various organizations for the purpose of providing important information for the health of the population or for research purposes, such as governments, public health agencies and officials, medical associations, patient advocacy groups, research organizations, the TOWWERS strategic committee and organizations in the life sciences;

  • Since the information shared with different organizations is based on strictly anonymous and aggregated data and not on patient-specific information, this data will not identify you nor will it be associated with you in any way;

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